1926 Grand Prix de l'A.C.F.
27 June - Miramas: 100 laps x 5.000 km = 500.000 Km

Pole Position: N/A
Fastest lap: Jules Goux (Bugatti 39A)  2.24.0


 1  24  1 Jules Goux            Bugatti 39A             4:38.43.8                      
 2   8  2 Meo Costantini        Bugatti 39A             4:43.13.0 - 85 laps, not classified

Did Not Finish:

    16  3 Pierre de Vizcaya     Bugatti 39A                45  Engine                 

Did not start:

     2    Henry Segrave         Talbot 700                     Car not ready
     4    Marcel Violet         Sima-Violet                    Car not ready
     6    Robert Benoist        Delage 155B                    Car not ready
    10    Albert Divo           Talbot 700                     Car not ready
    12                          Sima-Violet                    Car not ready
    14    Edmond Bourlier       Delage 155B                    Car not ready
    18    Jules Moriceau        Talbot 700                     Car not ready
    20                          Sima-Violet                    Car not ready
    22                          Delage 155B                    Car not ready

 1) Grand Prix
 2) By the time the entry list was closed for the first time only Talbot and Sima-Violet
    had made entries. Bugatti and Delage made on entries later on but gradually it became 
    apparent that only Bugatti would be ready. The organizers had made the cardinal error
    of not putting the normal condition in the regulations that if a certain number of entries
    had not been received by a certain date then the race would be cancelled. 
    It was probably the poorest Grand Prix of all time.
 3) Starting grid, formation in rows of 3.